6 lakh Asha and Anganwadi workers on 2-days strike in Corona


“We have been slapped, chased and abused,” said one Asha worker.

Coronavirus is fighting from the front row at risk in the situation. Despite this, the full salary has not been matched for the last few months. Six lakh Asha and Anganwadi workers went on strike for two days from Friday demanding payment of arrears and regular salaries.

Asha workers are conducting door-to-door surveys and the Center has also registered them in the fight against the epidemic. They were also involved in the screening of migrant workers. But those Corona fighters are not even given the minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

About 90,000 Asha workers in Bihar have been on strike since last Wednesday. In Begusarai, Sarita Roy (37) is sitting with 30 hopefuls. “We go to places where there are hundreds of cases of coronavirus,” said the woman, who has been a hopeful since 2007.

Sarita claims that they are paid only Rs 5,000 per month. But the money has not been paid in the last four months. Two of his colleagues were struck by Corona and two others died. Sarita said, “Even though we have recorded all the vaccinations and birth rates, (any) materials are provided.”

Not just in Bihar, the same picture is in Maharashtra. “We also have a family,” said Jyoti Sahar, a 45-year-old hopeful. If we are infected with the (corona) virus, they will also be at risk. We need protective armor. ”

Not only that, many hopefuls have had to face the final adverse situation during the door-to-door survey. One such person is Jit Kaur (48) of Punjab. He has been working as a hopeful for 12 years. Corona conducts surveys in about 50 homes every day. “We have been slapped, chased and abused,” he said.

Mira Shiva, head of the Health Equity and Society, said, “After numerous applications, hopefuls (mainly women) would not have had to go on strike if they had been paid adequately, protected and given dignity.”