A 10-month-old baby in Tripura drinks water mixed with sanitizer given by Asha worker and became sick


The 10-month-old baby fell ill after drinking water mixed with sanitizer given by a Asha worker. A complaint was lodged against that person at the police station.

On Tuesday, a woman from Sonaimuri village in Kumarghat area of ​​Unkoti district, 133 km from Agartala, the capital of Tripura, rushed to the health center to vaccinate her ten-month-old son against polio. After giving polio to the child there, he wants to drink water.

The child’s mother wants the help of Pushpa Das, a Asha worker, present at the health center, to quench her son’s thirst. Pushpa gave him a bottle of water from which the child fell ill after drinking water. She was rushed to a hospital. Doctors later said the child had fallen ill after drinking water mixed with sanitizer.

A general diary was filed against Pushpa Das at Kumarghat police station. The police official said, ‘On Tuesday night we recorded a general diary. Preliminary investigation revealed that the hopeful did not know that sanitizer was mixed in the water bottle. However, the matter is being investigated. The baby is safe now. ‘