After 83 days, the cap was placed in front of the burning gas-well in Assam, the process of extinguishing the fire is going on


After 83 days, Indian Oil Limited’s gas well at Tinsukia in Assam was finally capped. This time an attempt is being made to extinguish the fire coming out from inside the hut. On May 27, an uncontrolled amount of gas and fuel oil started leaking from a natural gas well in Baghjan, Tinsukia district. On June 9, a well exploded in an attempt to close a hole in the well, killing two firefighters. Ever since then, there has been a terrible fire due to fuel gas and oil coming out of the well uncontrollably.

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Gas well blow out in Baghjan, Tinsukia, Assam

In so many days it was possible to put a cap on the face of that burning well. Although the fire has not been extinguished yet. Oil India said in a statement on Monday, ‘The capping process in the well started on Monday morning and at the end of the day, an explosion-proof stack (BOP) was installed at the head of the well. 16 specific studs have also been tightened.

Indian Global News
Capping process started and BOP was installed on Monday, 17th August

BOPs are specially designed valve-like devices that prevent natural gas wells from exploding and leaking gas and oil. Usually the rule of placing BOP on top of other valves. Oil India said in a statement that it was constantly spraying water to keep the BOP and its associated lines cool. With that the process of extinguishing the fire of the well and closing the well has started.

The main purpose is to inject gas-like substances made by special chemical processes and send the released gas back to the underground reservoir. It is estimated that the process of closing the three and a half meter deep well will take 24-36 hours to complete. It is to be noted that the experts had failed to put BOP in the mouth of the well even after trying twice before.