After being humiliated in Pangong, China started ‘crying’, demanding the Indian troops


The Indian military said in a statement that it had “persuaded” the Chinese.

China is blamed for renewed tensions over Pangong So Lake. At the same time, Beijing demanded the withdrawal of Indian troops from that area of ​​eastern Ladakh.

The Western Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) issued a statement late Monday evening alleging that Indian soldiers had crossed the Line of Actual Control. They crossed the border with a raking pass from the south shore of Pangong So Lake. At the same time, it has been warned that the Chinese army is taking ‘retaliatory measures’.

A spokesman for the Western Theater Command, Senior Colonel Zhan Shuuli, was quoted by China’s state-run Xinhua news agency as saying: Extreme provocations have been made and tensions have been created at the border.

A similar statement was issued by the Western Theater Command after the June 15 Galwan clashes. “China is strongly opposed to India’s move,” Shuli said. Which violates China’s territorial sovereignty, seriously undermines peace and stability in the Sino-Indian border area and breaks promises and betrays China’s allegiance. ‘

However, the statement did not mention any meeting. The call was made after renewed tensions between Saturday and Sunday night, the Indian military said. Instead, a spokesman for Western Theater Command said, “We sincerely urge India to immediately relinquish its forcible occupation, strictly control the forces and restrain the forces at the border from being committed to the promise.” So that the situation does not become more heated in the future.

Although Beijing started “crying” from noon on Monday, the Indian military has made it clear that it was persuaded by the Chinese military. The Chinese military has carried out “provocative military operations” to change the situation on the border. “Indian forces have already blocked the movement of Chinese troops on the southern shore of Pangong So Lake, taken steps to strengthen our position and thwart China’s intention to unilaterally exchange information on the border,” the Indian military said in a statement.

At the same time, the military warned China, “The Indian military is committed to maintaining peace and stability through negotiations.” But (the army) is equally determined to protect their territorial integrity.