Top News : Amartya Sen became the first Indian to receive the Peace Prize 2020 at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Amartya Sen getting Peace Prize 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair
Amartya Sen getting Peace Prize 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair

A great news to all Indians. Amartya Sen wins Peace Prize of the German Book Trade

By what means can the world become all the more socially? Indian researcher and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen was granted the German Book Trade’s yearly harmony prize for his work battling social disparity.
German Book Trade Organization officials could not accept that Corona situation will make the Book fair stopped. And so the fair was organized online. And this time the name of Bengal also became very much associated with the historic Frankfurt Book Fair. One of the highlights of Sunday’s book fair awards ceremony was the Peace Prize.

In June, Dr. Sen was named the recipient of the Peace Prize by the German Book Trade. However, in the Corona situation, the fate of the book fair was shrouded in darkness of uncertainty. But in the end, the authorities organized the book fair online. And since the book copyright is mainly sold at this fair, there was no problem. But Sunday’s award ceremony is at the famous Paul Church. However, despite promises, German Prime Minister Steinmeier could not attend.

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He was also not present in the ceremony. However, he accepted the award through video conference. He also thanked the German Book Trade Organization for this historic honor. The award has been presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair since 1950 in recognition of its significant contribution to world peace. However, no Indian has been on the list of recipients so far.

Amartya Sen, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his important research on third world economics, is the first Indian on that list. Officials at the German book trade have also said that the economy of the poorest countries and the need to address hunger need to be addressed first in order to establish peace in the world. Needless to say, Amartya Sen’s recognition increased the respect of Bengalis in the court of the world.

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