Attempt these intriguing, straightforward oats veggie-lover plans


A rundown of things strike a chord when you consider veggie lover nourishment, and one of them is oats. In the event that you like exploring different avenues regarding oats, drench them medium-term and attempt the following morning. They are incredibly flexible and turn out to be much increasingly nutritious as splashing them assists break with bringing down starch, using the supplements all the more productively. What more? They can be blended in with other solid nourishments to turn into your morning meal, with unlimited varieties.

Straightforward Overnight Oats with Chia Seeds


2/3 cup – Rolled oats

2tsp – Chia seeds

1 cup – Unsweetened almond milk

2tsp – Maple syrup

1tsp – Vanilla concentrate

Touch of salt


*Mix all the fixings together in a bricklayer container.

*Cover container firmly and shake until consolidated.

*Place in the cooler for in any event two hours or medium-term.

*Can include more almond milk before serving for wanted consistency.