Ayushman Khurrana is the only Indian actor in the list of 100 most influential people in the world


Ayushman Khurrana has joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential people.

The new feathers were added to the crown of actor Ayushman Khurrana. According to a survey by one of the world’s most popular time magazines, Ayushman is the only Indian actor to be included in the list of 100 most influential personalities in the world in 2020. The ‘Dream Girl’ star expressed her feelings by sharing this news on Instagram. Ayushman has shared this honor with the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi. Namo has taken a place in this traditional list.

Ayushman wrote on Instagram: ‘The list of the 100 most influential personalities of the Times has come to the fore. I am proud to be a part of this list.

Ayushman has been floating in a flood of good wishes since this news came to light. The tide of likes and comments is on his instar wall. He said, ‘I am really proud of the respect that Time has given me. As an artist, I always want healthy change in society. I want to give a positive message to the people and the society through movies. It boosted my faith in the system. I have always believed that it is possible to bring change in the society through cinema.

Deepika Padukone, who has been at the center of controversy over her involvement in the current drug case, has praised Ayushman’s work in the magazine. “The impact that Ayushman has spread in the society through her pictures is really impeccable and admirable,” said Deepika.

Note that Ayushman started his Bollywood tour with a film like Vicky Donner. Where he was seen as a sperm donor. After that, the actor has tried to convey an important social message in every film – Dum Lagake Haisa, Shubh Mangal Sabdhan, Badhai Ho, or Dream Girl. Ayushman likes to go out of the so-called heroic film and choose the script of the film. He did not hesitate to portray the character of a homosexual on the screen. Again, the audience could not forget Ayushman’s performance as a blind pianist.