Big announcement with JEE and NEET exam dates


The National Testing Agency has issued a notification in this regard.


Demands are coming from all quarters that the Center should change the date of all-India engineering and medical examinations. But relying on the verdict of the Supreme Court, the Center did not accept that demand. According to the National Testing Agency, the test will be carried out according to the pre-determined schedule. However, the central government has said that it will take a number of steps keeping in mind the safety of the candidates.

The students have demanded to postpone the examination due to Covid. Political parties have agreed to that demand. Letters have been written to the Prime Minister from various states including Maharashtra, West Bengal and Orissa to postpone the examination for some time. Many states are now flooded. The flood-affected students have also made the same appeal. But the center did not hear it.

In a notification issued on the same day, the NTA said that in the interest of the students, the Joint Entrance Main and NET examinations will be held between September 1-6 and September 13, respectively. JEE Main’s test center has been increased from 560 to 660. In the case of NEET, the number of test centers has been increased from 2546 to 3843.

Candidates will leave a seat in the joint for social distance. Instead of the previous 24 people, 12 people will be placed in one room. The Center has sought assistance from the state governments so that students can come to the examination center effortlessly.

In all, a total of 8.58 lakh students have registered for the joint sitting. In the case of net, the number of candidates at the undergraduate level is 15.97 lakh. After this decision of the Center, it is practically certain that in a few days, millions of students will have to sit for such a big test of their career in Kovid. However, it can be said that the turn of argument and counter-argument is not ending now.