Breaking News! Chet Hanks (30), child of Tom Hanks, guarantees his ex-gf assaulted him with blade

Chet hanks, Kiana Parker, Tom hanks, Rita Wilson
Chet Hanks, child of Tom Hanks, guarantees his ex assaulted him with blade

Chet Hanks, child of Oscar champ Tom Hanks and vocalist Rita Wilson, guaranteed that his ex-gf Kiana Parker assaulted him with a blade as he shared an upsetting grisly video via online media.

Chet Hanks, the 30-year-old rapper took to social average and shared a video of himself dribbling in blood, guaranteeing his ex assaulted him with a blade, which she denied.

Chet claimed that her ex-darling turned vicious against him during a quarrel at his home in Sugarland, Texas on January 8.

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His ex Kiana has rejected that she assaulted Chet Hanks and claimed that he has been vicious towards her.

In the video, what breaks the web, Kiana Parker is seen moving toward Tom’s child Chet holding a dish in one hand and the camera moves around fiercely, before the screen goes dark.

Chet Hanks as of late documented a claim against Kiana over the episode in January which brought about the video of his blood-covered face.

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