China-Pakistan will be subdued in ‘Make in India’, Pinaka agreement worth Rs 2,580 crore


Under ‘Make in India’, agreements have been signed with three Indian companies.

Amid rising tensions in Pangong So Lake, the defense ministry on Monday signed agreements worth Rs 2,560 crore with three Indian companies. A spokesman said the agreement was signed with Bharat Earth Movers Limited, Tata Power Company Limited and Larsen & Turbo to include six Pinaka rocket regiments (rocket launcher systems) in the army.

A statement from the ministry said the six-pinaka regiment will have 114 launchers, including automated gun targeting and positioning systems. 45 command posts will be procured from Tata Power Company Limited and Larsen & Turbo and 330 vehicles will be procured from Bharat Earth Movers Limited.

The Pinaka rocket rocket launcher system was designed and built by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). As per the government’s promise, the ‘Make in India’ program will get more power as a result of citing three Indian companies, the defense ministry said.

Those regiments will start work by 2024. “The six Pinaka Regiments will be deployed along the northern and eastern borders of our country,” the ministry said. As a result, the preparation of the armed forces for the operation will be further increased.