Chinese researcher’s Twitter account suspended after her open post for all


Meng said she has to pay the price for bringing the truth to the fore.

The coronavirus was created in the government-controlled Uhan laboratory. Chinese Virologist Li Meng Yan’s Twitter account was suspended following the allegations.

“They don’t want people to know the truth,” Meng Fox News, a specialist in virology and immunology at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, told the Associated Press on Tuesday. That’s why I (Meng’s Twitter account) has been suspended. I am being suppressed. I am the target of the Communist Party of China. They want to make me disappear. ‘

The New York Post tried to contact Twitter authorities on Wednesday to find out why Meng’s account had been suspended. But Twitter declined to comment.

Meng said in an interview with a British talk show from a secret location in Muluk, USA, on September 11 that China had conducted two studies on “new pneumonia” between December and early January. She gave the results of that research to her superiors Who is a consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO). Meng hoped that “the Chinese government and WHO will do the right thing.” That work was not done, on the contrary, she was told to remain silent, otherwise he would be made to disappear, complained Meng. However, the virologist claims that it is very normal in China.

She said, ‘No one answered. People are afraid of the government and they are waiting to meet with the government and WHO with more opportunities to be safe. But it was very urgent. ‘

According to the virologist, various items are sent from China to all over the world during the Chinese New Year. So she decided to open her mouth about it. Because ‘it (coronavirus) is a highly contagious and terrible virus. My point is, it’s for the health of people and the world. ”

However, Meng said that she has to pay the fee for bringing the truth to the fore. The whole thing is pretty scary, she said. Because she has been constantly threatened. But ‘I knew, if I didn’t tell the world the truth, I would be sorry.’

Meanwhile, last Monday, Meng also published a research on a website called ‘Zenot’. Two others have done that research. That research paper claims the corona was made in six months.