Comparison of ‘Garbage heap’ with Irrfan’s grave, wife Sutapa’s worthy answer to fans


What is the proper definition of beauty? The counter question is Sutpar. Irrfan liked everything ‘wild’, added his son Babil Khan.

Five months have passed. Irrfan Khan has left his favorite people. Recently the friend of the late actor Chandan Roy Sanyal arrived at the Versova Cemetery in Mumbai, pulling the friendship. Irrfan Khan’s grave picture was also highlighted. The tomb, which was found to be surrounded by weeds growing carelessly, was surrounded by black marble plaques. Beneath him lies the proverbial actor Irrfan Khan. Fans were shocked to see this ‘misery’ of the star’s grave.

In the wake of this incident, a fan of the actor contacted his wife Sutapa Sikder on Facebook to find out the truth of the situation. The fan said that he was shocked to see the condition of the actor’s grave in just five months and compared it to a pile of rubbish in the grave. Asked if the shared photo was really Irfan’s grave, he wrote in a tone of regret, “Tonight, where the queen (Irrfan loved this flower all his life) was supposed to be a bush, a weed forest has been created. If the picture is not true, he also requested Sutapa to post any recent picture of the actor’s grave.

To answer this question, Irrfan’s wife said that she was sorry because she could not go to the cemetery as a woman due to religious restrictions. Instead, he said, he has built a shrine in Igatpuri in memory of the late actor and planted Irrfan’s favorite night there, Rani. Sutapa said that the actor’s favorite things were buried in this memorial stone. He writes that even though he could not go to the main grave, his free movement in this place, even though he sat here for hours, no one asked him to come and get up.

After this, Sutapa asked about the weeds in the grave, ‘Is it written anywhere that everything has to be defined and properly mechanized? Those trees are a gift of nature. They grow on their own in the rain water. Someone might clean up sometimes, but they come back again. It may be that the green is actually carrying the message of living together, so we can not think? ‘

Irrfan Khan passed away on April 29 after a two-year battle with a neuroendocrine tumor. He is survived by his wife Sutapa and their two sons Babil and Ayan.

In his post, actor Chandan Sanal wrote that he had been suffering from pain for not going to Irrfan’s grave for four months. For that purpose he went to visit a friend, and saw the tomb of the actor lying asleep in a secluded graveyard covered with weeds. He added, “In the midst of a strange silence all around, I left a bunch of nightingales to pay homage to Irfan.” Even though he is not here today, nature seems to surround him in the embrace of its affection, said Chandan Sanyal.