Covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca re-launches Oxford vaccine trial


Clinical trials of AstraZeneca Oxford coronavirus vaccine AZD1222 have resumed in Britain.

Vaccine maker Astra Geneca has launched a trial of the covid vaccine discovered by Oxford University after receiving a green signal from the British Health Regulatory Authority.

A statement from the agency said on Saturday. “Clinical trials of the AstraZeneca Oxford coronavirus vaccine AZD1222 have resumed in Britain,” it said. The decision came after the UK government’s Medicine Health Regulatory Committee (MHRA) declared the vaccine safe.

Earlier, the MHRA instructed to stop the testing process if one of the volunteers participating in the vaccine trial fell ill.

The statement said: “The entire trial process has been put on hold at the initiative of independent committees and international regulators around the world due to the verification of vaccine safety information in the conventional review process. This time the British committee has completed its investigation and informed MHRA that the clinical trial of this vaccine is safe in Britain.

However, AstraZeneca did not agree to reveal more information.