Daughter stands next to IPS, who was removed for beating his wife


Purushottam Sharma’s daughter has stood by her father’s side and complained against her mother. According to she, her mother has created unrest in the family.

The bride is angry with her IPS husband for protesting against the extramarital affair. Because of him, the alliance was severely beaten. The situation is further complicated by the removal of Madhya Pradesh DIG Purushottam Sharma.

Purushottam’s wife protested against her husband for allegedly having an extramarital affair with a TV channel host. The first video of the pair leaked on social media shows Purushottam sitting at a woman’s house and talking to her. In a few moments his wife appeared there. After that, a heated exchange took place between the two and the couple left the house in that condition.

As seen in the second video, Purushottam Sharma got involved in a quarrel with his wife again at his home. After that he started beating him severely. His anger did not abate even after he hit the floor. One of his two assistants present at the house tried to convince the IPS officer but the other was seen standing.

When the video went viral on social media, the Madhya Pradesh administration was shocked. Purushottam Sharma was removed from the post of Director of Public Prosecution overnight. He has also been held accountable for the incident. However, he denied all the allegations and tried to dismiss the matter as domestic.

According to sources, Purushottam’s son wrote letters to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Home Minister Narottam Mishra and Police DG Vivek Johri alleging domestic violence.

On the other hand, Purushottam Sharma’s daughter has stood by her father’s side and complained against her mother. Posting a letter on social media, he said that his mother had created unrest in the family.

The wife of the IPS, who has accused the TV channel operator of having an affair with her husband, has again lodged a defamation suit with the Shahpura police station. He claims that he gives Purushottam the same status as a father and their relationship is like that of a father and daughter. Despite all this, Purushottam’s wife has tarnished his image by slandering him. He wrote that the IPS officer came to his house on Monday evening after having a cup of tea.

Purushottam’s wife refused to file an FIR against her husband even though a group of Bhopal female policemen met the victim on Tuesday.