Save Thano : Local people of Dehradun protests against felling of 10,000 trees

Save Thano Dehradun News
Save Thano : Dehradun News

Save Thano : Dehradun’s local people are protesting not to cut down 10,000 trees in expansion of the airport

Development or nature, this conflict is now the most discussed issue in all countries of the world. And in recent times, rural and indigenous people have repeatedly been seen to choose nature over development.

The Uttarakhand government has looked for National Wildlife Board’s endorsement for the exchange of 243 sections of land of woods land to the Airport Authority of India (AAI), more than 10,000 trees could be chopped out in the Thano range of Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport. Dehradun Airport is located near the Line of Actual Control on the Sino-Indian border in Uttarakhand. The central government recently declared the port as an international airport.

While safeguarding its solicitation for the development, the state government refered to Dehradun air terminal’s closeness to the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Uttarakhand imparts an outskirt to China, giving vital significance to the Jolly Grant Airport, the Uttarakhand government said.

Hundreds accumulated external the Dehradun Airport on Sunday to exhibit against the proposed felling of in excess of 10,000 trees. Seen holding bulletins that read ‘Save Thano’, the demonstrators were likewise observed embracing the trees.

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The state also welcomed the Centre’s decision. And since the Sino-Indian political situation is very important in recent times, the government’s plans for him are much higher. The state government has decided to hand over the surrounding 243 acres of forest land to the airport authorities for the proposed project. And the problem started from there.

In June of this current year, the Uttarakhand State Wildlife Advisory Board endorsed the exchange of 73 hectares of woodland land inside the secured Gangotri National Park. This territory will be used for the development of three deliberately significant streets that will facilitate the development of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) to the India-China fringe.

As of now, the runway at Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport is 2,140 m long. Aside from another terminal that is probably going to be finished by October 2021, the AAI has suggested that the length of the runway be reached out to 2,765 m.

The upgradation which is being done inside a financial plan of Rs 353 crore is required to expand the Dehradun air terminal’s ability by eight-overlap.

Environmentalists claim that at least 10,000 rare species of plants live in the forest. Such a complex ecosystem of hill forests is rare in the world. Again, the need for land for airport expansion cannot be denied. However, the common people of Dehradun have also stood by the environmentalists. Recent events from the Amazon to California are pointing fingers at the devastating effects of deforestation. And these events have made people aware. But is development not possible by saving nature? Of course possible. But he needs proper planning. And the government has to make that arrangement.

One demonstrator guaranteed that Uttarakhand has airstrips at Gauchar and Pithoragarh near the LAC. The proposed development of the Dehradun air terminal will just take into account business airplane, the demonstrator included.

Overseer of Jolly Grant Airport, DK Gautam told news organization ANI that the Uttarakhand government will denotify woods save as per the standards set up by the Environment Ministry. “Taking everything into account, there would be manor at some other spot,” DK Gautam said.

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