Delivery cost of a Corona positive pregnant is 10 lakh rupees in Medica Hospital! The truth of the viral message leaked


This is like a myth. At the end of the investigation, it was found that the allegation was completely false. “Then why did you complain like that?” In response to such a question, the complainant swallowed the Health Regulatory Commission. Said clearly, I have no more complaints.

The day before the incident. A message on Facebook, WhatsApp (Whatsapp) goes viral. In that message, one person wrote, “I went through a nightmare recently. My wife is pregnant. He had a delivery date of July 12. According to the rules, the covid test was done on July 9 at a private hospital in Park Street and it came back positive. ” Allegedly, the gentleman and his entire family got into trouble while delivering the Covid positive wife.

The message, which went viral, read, “I went to Medica Super Specialty Hospital for delivery and was asked to pay Rs 10 lakh for the delivery of a covid positive pregnancy.” In the viral message, the person wrote, “It is not possible for us to deliver with so much money.” As the message went viral, there started gossips all around. How can a hospital take so much money? Netigens raised questions.

The couple’s complaint was not submitted to the Health Regulatory Commission. However, the message went viral. Hundreds of millions of mobile phones were turned over to the members of the Health Regulatory Commission. After that the commission sat motionless. Exceptionally, they filed the complaint on their own initiative. Which is the rarest event in the history of the Health Regulatory Commission. The members of the commission themselves began the investigation. Find out who wrote the message. Medica Super Specialty Hospital authorities were also contacted.

Meanwhile, Medica fell from the sky after hearing such allegations. 10 lakh to deliver covid positive!

Medica submits the bill for the number of Covid positive patients it has delivered in the last one month. It can be seen that in no case is it more than 1 lakh 20 thousand. Complainants are contacted online. It was asked, “Medica is taking Rs 10 lakh as you have written.” As soon as they were caught, the couple said they did not go to Medica at all. I heard through a close person that Medica is taking a lot of money. That’s it!

Meanwhile, the members of the Health Regulatory Commission have expressed their displeasure over the unnecessary allegations. Former Justice Asim Kumar Banerjee, chairman of the commission, said the couple had unconditionally withdrawn the complaint. This fact proves that not all the allegations circulating on social media these days are true.

Dr. Kunal Sarkar hurt in the incident. The vice-chairman of Medica Super Specialty Hospital, a chest specialist, said doctors at the hospital were trying their best. It is very childish to write and spread such a big complaint there. Those who have done the work have done it as if they were ignorant. He hopes that such lessons will not be spread in the future.