“Even if the cinema hall opens, you will remain jobless,” Abhishek replied flatly with a sneer


It’s all in the hands of the audience, if you don’t like the work, you will be unemployed – said Abhishek Bachchan.

Starkid’s badge has been associated with him since the beginning of his career. Even after two decades, he is still known to many as Bachchan-putra. Due to this, Abhishek Bachchan is always facing trolling. However, the victim star also gives worthy answers to social media trolling. The Unlock-5 guideline was issued yesterday, and after about seven months, the central government has given permission to open a cinema hall in Corona Abe from October 15. And Big B’s son couldn’t contain his joy at this news, he expressed his excitement on Twitter. And that’s where the trolling begins.

According to one of his tweets, even if the cinema hall opens, your excitement is unreasonable, because you will still be jobless just like before. In response, Abhishek said, “Unfortunately, it is true that the success of our work depends entirely on the hands of viewers like you.” If you don’t like our work, we won’t get a chance in the next job. So we try to entertain you with all our might.

The actor has handled this kind of situation before because of his present intellect. This time, playing with a straight bat, Junior B pushed the ball on the court of the trolls. Just last month, one person posted a bang tune that Abhishek has more followers than a talented heroine like actress Prachi Desai. Abhishek replied that the measure of an actor’s success can never be chosen by the number of his social media followers. Prachi is a skilled artist and a capable actress, above all she is a very good friend of mine.

Even when Amitabh was hospitalized with coronavirus, netizens did not stop trolling. One tweeted, now your father is also hospitalized, who will you trust to eat this time? Bachchan’s son’s quick reply was, ‘For the time being I am not sitting, I am lying down and eating, I am in the same place with my father’.

Abhishek was last seen on Amazon Prime’s web series Breathe: Into the Shadows. He also has projects like The Big Bull and Netflix’s Ludo on the Disney + Hotstar stage.