Finally Subhashree got her Covid test report


Anxiety for about 24 hours. Then it became known the result of the coronary examination of child-bearing Subhashree. Husband and director Raj Chakraborty said on Twitter. He said that Subhashree and everyone else in the house are corona negative. Incidentally on Monday, Raj said he is corona positive. Ever since then, fans have been worried about Subhashree’s covid test results. Raj Chakraborty wrote on Twitter.

Raj said that the corona report of Subhashree and others in his house was negative. He also updated his physical condition. Raj said that he is fine and taking care of himself. Subhashree’s report is negative, he said, adding that he felt much lighter. Assuring the fans, Raj said that he and Subhashree are in a separate room. So there is no fear of infection. The would be father confirmed the news of Covid-19 being positive by tweeting on Monday afternoon.

The director said his father was hospitalized, although his corona test results were negative. The director is currently in Home Isolation. On Monday, Raj wrote on the Twitter wall, ‘I am Covid-19 positive. My father was recently hospitalized. Twice the corona test report came back negative. Currently in Home Quarantine. Other members of my family will also be tested. This is a very difficult time. “