From teachers to engineers, 6 million high-ranking employees lose jobs in India due to lockdown


After 2016, so few people were not working in the professional world

Not only the workers who lost their jobs in the lockdown, but also the so-called white collar workers who lost their jobs, 6 million workers lost their jobs. This is stated in the latest report of the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). Only May to August data is included. At the end of March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown in India due to the corona.

CMIE said engineers, doctors, teachers, accountants and professionals have also lost their jobs in the lockdown. Even after the unlock was launched in June, the wheel of the economy did not turn out as expected due to many restrictions and lockdowns at the local level.

According to the company, in January-April 2016, the number of high-ranking employees in the country was 1.25 crore. That was 1.88 crore in May-August 2019. In September-December 2019, this number was 1.87 crore. Then in January-April this figure decreased to 1.81 crore. The partial effect of the corona lockdown was also reflected in this information. But for May-August 2020, the number of white collar employees has decreased to 1.22 crore. In other words, 59 lakh professionals have lost their jobs due to corona.

After 2016, so few people were not working in the professional world. This statistic also includes only those who worked for a company. The report does not reflect on the status of those who were self-employed professionals. Compared to the same period last year, the number of jobs has decreased by about 66 lakh, which means that unemployment has increased by 26 percent.