Haldiram, victim of cyber attack, demands ransom of Rs. 7.5 lakh


The hackers also hijacked all the backups of the documents on the server, causing yellow problems.

Haldiram Snacks Pvt Ltd’s Noida office server was hacked by unidentified hackers. The cyber thieves demanded a ransom of Rs. 7.5 lakh by deleting some important information and documents.

It is learned that on the night between July 12 and 13, the company’s server issued a warning in this regard. Haldiram Snacks lodged a complaint with Noida Sector 58 Police Station on Wednesday.

The deputy general manager of the company said in his complaint that information technology experts were immediately called after receiving the server’s warning and the news was sent to the office located in Sector 62, Noida.

Haldiram Noida DGM Aziz Khan said, “It has been seen that after receiving the news of the theft of documents in the cyber attack, the connection with other branches of the organization was cut off, although some information was stolen before that.” Within three nights, ransomware used in cyber theft spread throughout the corporate network. The incident was reported to a cyber security agency, but by then all sensitive information had been leaked.

According to Haldiram officials, the stolen documents include important financial and staff information, salary statistics, retail sales, purchases and a number of confidential documents related to the company’s infrastructure. According to them, the company has suffered losses due to information theft and daily activities have been disrupted. The hackers also hijacked all the backups of the documents on the server, causing more problems.

A case under Indian Penal Code 420 (fraud), 384 (extortion) and Information Technology Act has been filed in Noida Sector 58 police station on the basis of the Deputy General Manager’s complaint.