Big Billion Sale : How to get Flipkart Plus membership to get extra benefits?


How do you become a Flipkart Plus member? Let’s find out in detail.

For other customers in the country, Flipkart Big Billion Sale opens on the scheduled day, but Flipkart Plus members get the opportunity to shop there a day in advance. There are many more interesting discounts. But how do you become a Flipkart Plus member? Let’s find out in detail.

The Flipkart Plus program has already been launched on behalf of this e-commerce site for customers or buyers. In this case, Flipkart Plus customers will get various rewards for every purchase from Flipkart. Besides, in case of any sale, they will also get proper customer support including advance facility, free and fast delivery, reward coin exchange.

Usually two super coins are given for every 100 rupees when shopping at this shopping platform. However, in the case of Plus members, the number of these super coins is more. According to the e-commerce company, if you pay with this super coin, the concerned buyers can get a discount of up to 10 percent. How to get Flipkart Plus membership?

In order to activate the Flipkart Plus membership, a buyer has to earn 200 supercoins in the last 12 months or a year. You can become a Flipkart Plus member only after earning the required 200 Super Coins. In this case, go to Flipkart’s Flipkart Plus zone and click on the Join Now option. After that you can become a Flipkart Plus member by following certain rules. Note that once you join the Flipkart Plus membership, you will have 200 Super Coins earned. You don’t have to lose any coins separately instead of membership. So rest assured.

But how to earn super coins? Flipkart gives four plus coins to their plus members at a cost of Rs 100 each. However, non-plus members get two super coins for every 100 rupees they go shopping. In addition, Flipkart Plus members can earn a maximum of 100 Super Coins per order. But non-plus members get only 50 super coins.

Note that the amount of coins collected after purchasing an item on this e-commerce site is credited to the buyer’s account. However, coins are valid for up to one year from the month in which the coins are credited to your account. After a year, but this coin is no longer useful. So where do you stand? How many super coins have you deposited? If you want to know, go to Flipkart app on your phone, from there click on Flipkart Plus zone. And look at the amount of super coins earned. If you have become 100 Super Coins in the last 12 months, then enjoy all the benefits of Flipkart Plus members.