Imon Chakraborty is going to sit for the wedding pedestal? Who’s the groom?


Imon Chakraborty is getting married in October in Tollygunge. Groom is also a well-known name in the music industry.

So is the national award winning singer Imon Chakraborty going to sit on the wedding pedestal this time? Imon is going to build a house to the tune of the song, this time in the tolly industry but such news is floating in the air. Groom is composer Nilanjan Ghosh, a well known face in the industry. Although the two have a long conversation, the age of love is only a few months – that’s the news. It has been heard that they will fix the registry in October. Social marriage may take place by January-February next year. It all depends on the situation.

However, Imon dismissed the whole matter as a rumor. If there is any plan that the music artist has informed, she will inform the fans herself. In Imon’s words, Nilanjan is her only a good friend. However, Imon’s acquaintances are claiming that the couple is making love. And the mature decision of marriage has also been taken.

Imon has also done some work with Nilanjan. Lover Nilanjan has recently made music arrangements full of life in the same beauty sung by Imon, also Imon has recently launched a music video of Nazrul’s song ‘Pardesi Megh’ on YouTube. The couple was also seen together there.

Earlier, Imon had been in love with singer Shovon Gangopadhyay for a long time. Despite the age difference, the chemistry of this pair caught the attention of the fans. However, the two ended that month.

Imon-Nilanjan’s closeness is also indicated on social media. So even though the singer denies it, the smell of wedding flowers spread in the air is saying that the news is ripe.