In the ambulance, the young Covid patient was molested, the accused driver was arrested


On the way to the hospital, the driver stopped the ambulance in a secluded place and molested the girl.

In Kerala, a 22-year-old covid-infected girl fell victim to the sexual lust of an ambulance driver. The miscreant was caught within hours of the incident.

On Saturday, two women from the same house in Pathanamthitta district of central Kerala tested positive for covid test and reported it to the local health center. According to the state covid policy, patients can reach the hospital only by ambulance. But it was midnight when the ambulance reached the women.

One of the women was admitted to a nearby hospital, but on the advice of doctors, it was decided to take her to a distant Covid hospital. Allegedly, on the way to the hospital, the driver stopped the ambulance in a secluded place and molested the girl. It is also alleged that the victim was threatened to keep the matter a secret.

Ignoring the threat, the victim reached the hospital and informed the doctors in detail. Medical examination later found evidence of his indecency.

Police said the 29-year-old ambulance driver had been charged with multiple offenses in the past. Despite this, the police have started an investigation into how he was recruited.

Due to the incident, the Kerala Ministry of Health has issued strict instructions that at least two health workers should be present in each ambulance. In addition, the ministry has instructed to be more careful in the case of female patients. At the same time, a full investigation of the recent incident has also been directed.

Pathanamthitta district medical officer El Shiza said the patient had to travel in an ambulance only with the help of a driver due to lack of health workers. He also claimed that one of the two patients had not been admitted to another hospital in advance. He assured that the incident would be investigated at the two hospitals.

On the other hand, the state BJP has demanded the resignation of the Kerala health minister over the alleged molestation of a young patient in an ambulance.