Jaan Kumar Sanu reveals about his parents divorced when his mother was six months pregnant

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In another reward video, Bigg Boss 14 competitor Jaan Kumar Sanu uncovered that his folks isolated when his mom was a half year pregnant with him. Jaan is the child of noted artist Kumar Sanu.

While addressing co-competitors Jasmin Bhasin, Sara Gurpal and others, Jaan stated, “For me, my mom assumes the part of the two guardians. When the parents got divorced. Since then, his mother Rita Bhattacharya has raised him. Recently, Jan Kumar Shanu opened his mouth about the separation of father Kumar Shanu and mother Rita Bhattacharya. My folks isolated when my mom was a half year pregnant with me subsequently I have grown up with her just since adolescence.”

He included, “My mother is both a mother and a dad to me. Before going into the Bigg Boss House, what stressed me more than anything else was that who will currently deal with my mom. My reasoning with regards to adore is old school in view of my mother, I feel love just occurs with one individual and we should just be with one individual. I am much the same as my mom.”

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Recently, Bigg Boss 14 contestants Jan Kumar Shanu, Jasmine Vasin, Sara Gurpal and Nikki Tamboli opened their mouths about their childhood. In that conversation, Jan Kumar Shanu said, “To me, mother and father are all my mother. When I was in my mother’s womb (6 months), my parents separated. From a young age I grew up with my mother. She is my mother and father. Before I came here, I was most worried about my mother. Who will take care of my mother when I come here? I am as conservative as my mother with love. There will be only one person in life. “

Rita Bhattacharya got divorced from Kumar Shanu in 1994. Since then, Rita has made her son Jan Kumar Shanu a man by hand. Jan Kumar Shanu’s real name is Joyce Bhattacharya. He was introduced as the first contestant of Bigg Boss by Salman Khan himself. After his divorce from Rita Bhattacharya, Kumar married Shanu Saloni. But Rita Bhattacharya is alone. Jan Kumar Shanu grew up in Calcutta. Jan studied from Calcutta University.

Jaan was presented as a Bigg Boss member by have Salman Khan in a question and answer session going before the season debut. “Sir, I am more anxious on the grounds that I am meeting you without precedent for my life. My whole body is shaking. I have been your fan since before I became more acquainted with anything about the work my father has finished with you. I am somewhat stunned with your essence,” Jaan told Salman at the occasion.