Johar’s executive producer was arrested by the NCB in a drug case


The NCB arrested the executive producer of Dharma Productions after detaining him for more than 24 hours.

The Narcotics Control Bureau arrested Khitish Ravi Prasad, executive producer of Dharma Productions, after detaining and questioning him for more than 24 hours. The NCB has confirmed the news of Khitish’s arrest. For now, the legal process of arrest has been started.

Khitish Ravi Prasad was asked to report to the NCB office yesterday. But before that, a team of NCB raided the house of this employee of Dharma at early morning. Led by Sameer Wankhede, Deputy Director of the company. The NCB searched Kshitish’s house for about four hours. He then took her to the Ballad Estad office. It is learned that NCB has recovered banned drugs from Khitish’s house. Khitish was then detained and interrogated overnight. However, the executive producer of Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions could not answer to the NCB’s question. Another former employee of the company, Anubhav Chopra, was also summoned by the NCB yesterday. He was also interrogated throughout the night – but in the morning, the NCB released the assistant director who worked for Karan Johar’s company.

Karan Johar presented Safai on Friday night after the name of Dharma Productions of Bollywood drugs was involved. He said in an official statement that he did not know the two men personally, so the allegations made by the media that they were close were false.

He added: “Neither I nor Dharma Productions are responsible for what a person is doing in his personal life. This is not an accusation against religion. I would also like to say that Anubhav Chopra is not another employee of Dharma, in 2011-12 he worked as an assistant director in a Dharma production for only two months for a very short time. And I felt worked for a short film in 2013. From then on, Anubhav Chopra was not involved in any other production of Dharma.

Kshitish Ravi Prasad joined Dharmatik Entertainment (an affiliate of Dharma) in November 2019 as an executive producer – he was hired on a contract basis.

Karan Johar said, “I do not use banned drugs myself, nor do I support or promote it to anyone.”

According to sources, the NCB has also questioned Khitish about Johar’s drug party.