No opportunity to play, National Karate medalist Bimala Munda is selling rotten wine to overcome poverty

National karate champion Bimala Munda
National karate champion, gold winner Bimala Munda

26 years old Bimala Munda lives on the outskirts of Ranchi. Bimla Munda started a coaching class to train budding players in February but had to shut due to the lockdown.

She did not want to be like the other five daughters of the tribal society. Wanted to be established by fighting the inequalities of society. Success soon followed. Bimala Munda became an important name in the world of karate. But Corona’s situation seemed to turn everything upside down. Bimala has to go back to that normal life again. Bimala’s only hope for a living is the business of many generations of rotten wine or rice beer.

Bimala Munda wanted to be different from a young age. And that opportunity is in Karate. The road was not easy from the beginning. Being a tribal, he also had to face discrimination in many places. However, after winning the gold medal in the All India Karate Open Championship in 2015, there was no looking back. He also won a gold medal in the Federation Cup in 2019. But within a few days, the Corona epidemic stood in the way of that journey. There is no competition, not even training or practice. He was forced to return to the traditional profession of the tribal society.

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This story of Bimala once again exposed the inequality of the society. On the one hand, there is economic inequality. On the other hand, society seems to be pointing the finger at indigenous women, who should not dream of being different. Even the government did not help as a distressed athlete. This epidemic situation seems to be bringing the dark side of the society to the fore. But you have to go through hard times holding hands.

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