Kartik Das Baul has officially joined to Trinamool Congress


Kartik Das Baul officially joined to Trinamool Congress. Trinamool secretary general Perth Chatterjee handed over the party’s flag to him on Wednesday. Laxman Das Baul has also joined Trinamool with him. Joining to Trinamool on the day, Kartik Das Baul said, “I like Mamata Banerjee’s politics for a long time.” So far I have sung in different places with her blessings. Today I officially joined Trinamool.

In his words, I do not understand caste. Sing Lalon’s song. Therefore, Mamata Banerjee’s hand needs to be strengthened to save the Sanskrit of West Bengal. According to Trinamool sources, Mamata wants to save the image of the party by joining the party with non-political people from different fields before the assembly elections. Some of them may be selected as candidates in the election. Kartik Das Baul can also be a candidate from any seat in East Burdwan.