Krishna is pleased with 56 bhogs, know the cause and schedule of this dishes


Janmashtami started a week ago. The tradition of offering 56 bhog to Krishna on the day of Janmashtami has been going on for a long time. But do you know, the reason for offering these 56 bhog?

There are various theories about the 56 bhog offered to Krishna. One of these is associated with the Govardhana mountain.

According to this story, Yashoda used to feed the boy Krishna at eight o’clock in one day. Once Krishna took Govardhana mountain with his youngest finger to protect all the people of Braj from the wrath of Indra. At that time Krishna did not take food and water for 7 consecutive days.

On the eighth day, when the rain of Indra stopped, all the people of Braj came out of Govardhana mountain. Krishna used to eat at Ashtaprahar during the day. Seeing him starving like that for 7 days, the people of Braj and Yashoda suffered.

On Janmashtami, it is very auspicious to offer 56 bhog to Krishna and receive his prasad. Many people include all the vegetables that should not be eaten during the rainy season in Krishna’s suffering. According to Srimad-Bhagavatam, 56 bhog dishes are offered to please Krishna. The list of 56 bhog is-

1. Rice (fan), 2. Pulses (soup), 3. Chutney (Praleh), 4. Curry (sadika), 5. Yogurt-vegetable curry (Dadhishakja), 6. Sikharan (Sikharini), 6. Sharbat (abaleh), 6. Bati (boy), 9. Jam (Sugarcane Kherini), 10. Sugar (triangle), 11. Bara (Batak), 12. Mathari (honey title), 13. Feni (Fenika), 14. Puri or Luchi (Appendix), 15. Khajla (centipede), 16. Ghewar (sadhidrak), 16. Malpua (cycle), 16. Chola (Childika), 19. Jillipi (Sudhakundalika), 20. Mesu (Dhritapur), 21. Rasgolla (Bayupur), 22. Chandrakala, 23. Maharaita (yogurt), 24. Thuli (obese), 25. Lobangpuri (Karpurnari), 26. Khurma (piece zone), 26. Dahlia (wheat), 26. Trench, 29. Sufalaya (aniseed), 30. Bilsaru (Dadhirup), 31. Laddu (Modak), 32. Vegetables, 33. Adhanau Achar (Saudhana), 34. Total (mandaka), 35. Payes (latex), 36. Yogurt, 36. Singing ghee, 36. Butter (Hyangpinam), 39. Malay (Manduri), 40. Rabri (Kupika), 41. Papar (parpat), 42. Sira (energy), 43. Lymph (lymph), 44. Subat, 45. Mohan (Sanghaya), 46. Supuri (Sufla), 48. Cardamom (Sita), 48. Fruit, 49. Betel, 50. Mohan Bhog, 51. Salt, 52. Kasaya, 53. Sweet, 54. Bitter, 55. Kotu, 56. Amlo.

These 56 bhog give 6 kinds of flavors with the help of 6 juices.
Krishna was pleased with the 56 bhog and fulfilled all the desires of the devotees.