Lewis Hamilton touches Michael Schumacher’s record, receives surprise gift

Lewis Hamilton touches Michael Schumacher's helmet

Emotional moment at the end of the Eiffel Grampy, Lewis Hamilton touches Schumacher’s record.

While Rafael Nadal touched the example of Roger Federer by winning the 20th slam of his career, on the same day, British driver Lewis Hamilton touched the example of German legend Michael Schumacher on the stage of Formula One.

Hamilton touches on Michael Schumacher’s 91 Formula One win in the Eiffel Grammy. Lewis started the race from second place in Narburging. From there he took first place. Red Bull’s Mark Verstappen finished the race in second place. Luis’ teammate Valteri Bottas at Mercedes could not finish the race due to power failure in the engine. Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo finished third. Today’s race shows with a finger in the eye why Lewis Hamilton has had one success after another in the last six years.

After the victory, his son Mike presented Hamilton with a helmet from Michael Schumacher as a memento. Hamilton paid tribute to Schumacher by holding up his helmet. Legendary Michael Schumacher suffered a serious head injury while skiing in 2013. He has not recovered yet. But his successor has come. Schumacher’s family gave him the respect he deserved.

Hamilton touched this example in his 261st race. Schumacher started with his first win at the spa in 1992. In 2006, China won its last race, the 91st in the 246th race. Schumacher won 19 races for Benetton and 72 for Ferrari. Hamilton also won 20 races for McLaren and 70 races for Mercedes.