Mike Pompeo claims that India needs to side with the US to stop the aggressive China

US secretary of State Mike Pompeo

India should immediately build closer ties with the United States to deal with China’s arrogance.

India should immediately forge closer ties with the United States to deal with China’s arrogance at its doorstep. U.S. Secretary of the Interior Mike Pompeo made the remarks on Friday.

Pompeo held three rounds of meetings with the home ministers of India, Japan and Australia in Tokyo this week. Negotiations with India have naturally raised the issue of Delhi’s recent border dispute with China. In response, the US Secretary of State said yesterday that China has begun sending large numbers of troops to the north against India. It is very important for India to have America on its side at this time.

“The world has woken up,” Pompeo said in an interview with radio channel host Larry O’Connor. The direction of the current has now begun to turn. In this situation, the United States, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, has set out to form an alliance that can dispel fear.

Mike Pompeo is coming to New Delhi to attend the annual bilateral meeting after the Tokyo conference. He will be accompanied by US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper. The Indian Home and Defense Ministers will join them in talks. US Secretary of State Stephen Baigan will visit India next week to review the arrangements for the meeting.

Last June, the Indian Army clashed with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley on the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in the clashes, and many were killed on the Chinese side.

Due to the incident, the Indian government imposed a ban on several Chinese apps. However, despite the escalating border dispute with China, New Delhi has not joined any formal alliance.

India’s Ambassador to the United States Taranjit Singh Sandhu believes that the close relationship between India and the United States is improving rapidly. He hopes that New Delhi will take steps to strengthen defense ties in talks with Pompeo and Esper, who are visiting India.