Mimi Chakraborty has lodged a complaint with KMC alleging fungus in subway food


Defendant mm again. This time, Mimi lodged a complaint against the subway in Kolkata Municipality for getting mushroomed food on order

Mimi has always been known for her self-defeating image. People know her not only as an MP but also as a girl of naughty nature from a young age. A few days ago, a Trinamool MP from Jadavpur went straight to the police station and lodged a complaint against a taxi driver for behaving rudely towards him on a public road in the city. Mimi also came to the Alipore court yesterday with a secret statement against the taxi driver who was arrested by the police. Today, the heroine took to Twitter again. This time the target is the US food chain subway.

Mimi alleged that she had ordered food from the Eco-Space subway outlet during the shooting on September 16. However, when she gets the order, the heroine’s eyes glaze over. The subtype (submarine sandwich) that was sent to him grew fungus on it. Mimi posted several pictures as proof of her complaint, along with a copy of her complaint.

On Twitter, Mimi said, ‘Think twice before ordering food from the subway. I got this news when I was shooting on the 16th. I ordered from Eco-Space Kolkata Subway in such a way that healthy food is served here.

Mimi has already lodged a complaint informing the Kolkata Municipality Food Department about the whole matter. The heroine said that the sample of the food, along with the bill, has already been delivered to the food department of Kolkata Municipality. ‘I always protest injustice, your voice alone can make a big difference’.

Mimi tweeted harshly aimed at the subway. He said, ‘How long have you been selling rotten food without caring about the health of the common people? Your empire is because of the customers.

American fast food restaurant Subway is known as the largest single brand restaurant chain in the world and the largest restaurant operator worldwide. Netizens are shocked to see such negligence on the part of such a well-known food chain. Their licenses need to be revoked immediately, they demanded.