NEET 2020 Results : 720 to 720! For the first time in the history of NEET made by Shoaib-Akanksha


This is the first time that any candidate has got ‘Perfect’ 720.

720 to 720! Shoaib Aftab of Orissa and Akanksha Singh of Delhi made new history in the All-India Unified Entrance Examination (NEET) of Medical. This is the first time that any candidate has got ‘Perfect’ 720. However, on the basis of age, Aftab became the first and Akanksha became the second.

This time 15.9 lakh candidates were registered for the entrance examination in the medical college. 13.6 lakh candidates sat for the examination. Among them 8.8 lakh candidates were women. According to the organizing body, the National Testing Agency, 771,500 people have passed the test.

After the results were released, Aftab, 18, said he had answered all the questions in the exam. He was also expected to be in the first hundred. But he could not even think that he would be the first. “Ever since I saw my score with Answer Key and got the full number, I have been thinking of being the first in all of India,” he said.

He had been preparing for a long time to become a doctor. He was so steadfast in that goal that he did not return home to Orissa for two and a half years from Kota. Aftab said, ‘My father told me more than once to come home. He got leave during Diwali and Eid. But I stayed in the quota so that my studies would not be disrupted. I was also here during the corona (coronavirus) lockdown. My mother lived with me. So there was no problem with food. After the board exam, Nit does not have much time to finish the whole course again. So I made good use of the five months of lockdown. I have read more than one subject so that nothing is left out. ‘

Shoaib said he wants to study MBBS from AIIMS and become a cardiologist. “I want to do research on a disease that has yet to be cured,” he said.