NEET and JEE Main 2020: Petition to postpone NEET and JEE


“It is our duty to ensure a safe environment for all students,” she said.


Earlier, he had applied for postponement of final semester or year examination. In the case of coronavirus, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also filed a similar petition with the Center in the case of Medical All-India Uniform Entrance Examination (NEET) and All-India Joint Examination (JEE-Main).

“In our last video conference with Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, I spoke against the UGC’s (University Grants Commission) guidelines on compulsory university or college final term examinations by September 2020,” Mamata tweeted on Monday morning. Which will put the lives of the students in the face of great danger.

Meanwhile, the Union Ministry of Education has said that the NEET and JEE Main exams will not be postponed. Petitions are being filed from different parts of the country to change that decision. “I am again appealing to the Center to assess the risk in the light of the guidelines of the Union Ministry of Education for organizing NEET and JEE 2020 by September and to postpone the examination till the situation becomes conducive,” she said. It is our duty to ensure a safe environment for all students.

However, on August 18, the Supreme Court rejected the petition for stay on NEET and JEE Main. A bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra ruled that despite the coronavirus situation, ‘life must go on’ and the court could not endanger the lives of the students by interfering with the decision of the National Testing Agency (NTA). A three-member bench said, ‘Students’ careers cannot be put in jeopardy. We cannot find any basis in this petition. The petition was dismissed.

After that verdict, there is no obstacle in the case of NEET and JEE exams as announced by NTA. The NTA had earlier said that JEE (Main) would be held from September 1 to 6. The NEET will be on September 13.