Good News : Netaji Colony Lowland Pujo Committee has spent Rs 50,000 to transplant bone marrow of a child

Netaji Colony Lowland

One of the famous pujos of Bengal is Netaji Colony Lowland. This puja is done with great pomp. They can also be seen in the colorful procession of the carnival.

However, this year a completely ‘different’ puja is being held in Baranagar. Where not idols, but the poor are being worshiped as Narayan. Standing at this difficult time of the epidemic, this 72-year-old fort festival of Baranagar seems to be reassuring.

This year, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has given a grant of Rs. 50,000 to each Durgotsab committee. Many clubs have decorated the mandapa with that money. This financial grant has been accumulated in the fund for somewhere or next year. However, another initiative was seen at Netaji Colony Lowland Durga Puja in Baranagar. The entire grant money was donated for the treatment of a child with thalassemia. Bengal witnessed such a humanitarian event in Corona.

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There was financial shortage in the family. After a month, a huge amount of money for treatment. Bone marrow transplantation was necessary for a permanent solution to the disease. The cost is not low. The Pujo Committee came forward till the end for the treatment of Deepak Shasmal of Satek.

Dilip Narayan Basu, chief organizer of the Pujo Committee, said, “The child is a resident of our neighborhood. Dad is an employee of a local gold shop. The family is not financially prosperous at all. This is the initiative of the Pujo Committee. The committee members also personally helped the family. However, this surgery is quite costly. So we are trying to give some more grants to them. ”

Netaji Colony Lowland Pujo Committee has spent Rs 50,000 to transplant bone marrow of a child
Netaji Colony Lowland Pujo Committee has spent Rs 50,000 for bone marrow transplant of a Thalassemia child in Baranagar.

But it is not only the treatment of Deepak Shasmal of Satek. The club authorities have also taken several social service steps. 20 thousand masks have been arranged. If any visitor comes without a mask, the Pujo Committee will provide them with a mask. Members are also handing out saris, food items, masks and sanitizers to 200 poor people every day from the second to the sixth. Blood donation camp was also organized. However, keeping in mind the distance rules, the committee divided the initiative into a two-day schedule.

It is natural to wonder, where is this huge financial grant coming from? Dilip Babu clarified the matter, “Due to the Corona situation, our Pujo budget is much less this time. About 75 percent has been reduced. But our budget is literally the same. We are helping the people by reducing the cost of puja with that money. ”

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