Newly launched ‘sanitizer rakhi’ that will kill the virus as soon as you put it in your hand! What’s the price?


Less expensive than other rakhis. But it will save precious lives. The virus will die if you put this rakhi in your hand. Rakhi contains isopropyl alcohol. 99 percent. This Rakhi has been brought to Swadesh Basu Hospital in Thakurpukur. The aim is to provide medical treatment to the low-income people of the Thakurpukur area for a small amount of money. How do I keep the sanitizer working?

There is a small battery to keep this. There are sanitizer cylinders. There is a small knob. As soon as you turn on the knob, the sanitizer will come out from the rakhi. The price is a little higher than the current fancy rakhi in the market. However, the virus will die at 250 rupees. For now, this sanitizer rakhi will be distributed to the health workers-nurses of Swadesh Basu Hospital on Sunday Rakhi Purnima.

Entrepreneurs think that this sanitizing rakhi will take over the market in the near future. Unlike other Rakhis, its place will not be in the showcase. Everyone can use it for a long time in Corona atmosphere. If you keep the switch on, you can sanitize for 72 hours with this rakhi. And if used like a normal sanitizer, it will last for 2 months without any problems. It is not necessary to throw it away.

The world is already in a state of panic. Mask on everyone’s face. The road is standing on the balcony of a distant house, but relying on a mask. But not just masks. In addition to masks, hand sanitizers are now available in homes. Must wash hands with sanitizer to prevent corona attacks. I wish my brother a long life and keep the sanitizer to kill the virus.

Swadesh Basu Hospital has also performed several important surgeries in Corona. Many hospitals in Kolkata have been converted into coveted hospitals, causing many maternity problems.

Many were supposed to be delivered in March-April this year. Those mothers who are likely to have children are delivered at Swadesh Basu Hospital. Swadesh Basu Hospital has performed surgery at a cost of less than Rs 20,000. The 50-bed hospital currently has 25 patients.