Durga Puja 2020 : Reverse appeal in the High Court against the verdict on puja at 11.30 am


The Forum for Durgotsab is going to submit an appeal against the verdict of the Calcutta High Court on the observance of Durga Puja 2020 festival at 11.30 am on Wednesday.

The forum was informed yesterday that the revision petition will be submitted to the High Court at 10.30 am on Wednesday. But later it was postponed for another hour, the forum said.

The Calcutta High Court has banned visitors from entering the Pujo mandapa this year in a cowardly situation. At the same time, only a small number of entrepreneurs have been allowed to enter the mandapa. In addition, the court ordered the construction of barricades at a distance of five to 10 meters in front of all small and large pavilions.

The ruling West Bengal ruling Trinamool Congress is unhappy with the High Court’s ruling, which has hampered their long-standing efforts. The state government started thinking about going to the Supreme Court on Tuesday against the verdict. It is heard that the Trinamool government can go to the Supreme Court after closely monitoring all aspects. It is learned that the state may file a writ petition against the judgment of the High Court.

In the end, it was decided that Forum for Durgotsab would file a writ petition against the verdict in the Calcutta High Court. It is going to be submitted at 11.30 am today.