Sushant’s case’s main accused Rhea is connected with Kolkata!


Rhea Chakraborty’s family owns a flat at Victoria Greens in Ramakrishna Nagar, Garia.

Rhea Chakraborty was accused of inciting Sushant Singh Rajput to commit suicide. Ever since then, this expatriate Bengali girl has faced the wrath of the whole country. Anger is overflowing against Riya on social media. As the investigation progresses, the list of allegations against Rhea and her family grows longer. Sushant’s case is currently being investigated by three central agencies, the CBI, the ED and the Narcotics Control Bureau. As the fire of resentment grew on the rear, it also ignited the Bengali girls. Multiple complaints have also been lodged in the cyber crime of Kolkata police. But this time new information came to the fore. The fate of Milla Rhea Chakraborty’s flat in Kolkata. That is what has been known in a report of ABP Anand.

Rhea Chakraborty’s family owns flat number 302 in the A6 Tower of the gleaming Victoria Greens Abson, just eight minutes away from Kabi Nazrul metro station. Rhea’s grandfather Shishir Chakraborty bought this flat in Ramakrishna Nagar, Garia. At that time the flat was bought in the name of Shishir Babu’s two sons. Rhea’s family has never been in Calcutta. But Shishir Chakraborty gave the power of attorney of this flat to Rhea’s mother Sandhya Chakraborty.

Rhea’s parents came to Kolkata in 2016. At that time, after paying for the maintenance, they rented the flat through a broker. Rhea’s family members have never been to Calcutta since.

Rhea and her brother Shouvik are facing CBI marathon interrogation on Friday. Rhea Chakraborty will soon be interrogated by the Narcotics Control Bureau.