Scientists are not able to say for sure that corona antibodies do not cause covid


Experts are still struggling to answer many questions.

Antigen tests detect antibodies in the body of many people. This means that the covid virus entered the body. But having these antibodies doesn’t mean it won’t happen again, scientists can’t say for sure.

There have been several studies on this but experts are still unable to say for sure. Immunologist Satyajit Roth said he wanted to wait and see what happened in the end.

According to Vinita Ball of the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER) in Pune, neutralizing antibodies are simple antibodies. Having this neutralizing antibody prevents it from re-entering the corona. But simple antibodies cannot do this.

If there are a lot of neutralizing antibodies in the body, it is understood that Covid will no longer exist. But there is still no consensus on how many antibodies there are to protect against or whether they can be used for plasma therapy.

Roth thinks it is difficult to understand much from the results of the Sero survey. His reason is that not everyone is using the same type of antibody test. Also, those who are positive, how many antibodies are in their body, the hadith is not available.