Sourav provoked speculation by returning the land received from the state government


Maharaja received land from the state government in Newtown to build school


In early July, Sourav Ganguly went to Navanne and had a meeting with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The real reason for such a sudden meeting was not known at that time. As a result, a lot of speculation started. The state’s sports arena, even the political arena, was in turmoil. Because, pulling the strings in the arena of politics with Sourav is not new.

Sourav’s wife Dona Gangopadhyay poured ghee on the fire of speculation. In an interview given to Anandabazar on Maharaj’s birthday, she did not rule out the possibility of Sourav entering politics. Rather, she claimed that if Dada stepped into the arena of politics, he would give it to reach the top.

It was finally revealed that the real reason for Sourav’s meeting with the Chief Minister in July. Sourav went to Nabanna to get back the land he got from the state government for building the school.

Sourav got 2 acres of land from the Trinamool government to build a school approved by the ICSE board in Newtown. Sourav has to face a case over the land. That is why he returned the land to the state government.

Neither Sourav nor the state government has said anything about this. However, sources close to the BCCI president said that Sourav had gone to Nabanna last month to meet the chief minister over the issue of land return.

In the past, even in the Left era, the Maharaja got land from the government and returned it for the case.

However, this time some people want to use the color of politics in the return of land. Sourav’s good relations with the central government have led to rumors, especially from the state’s opposition, that there may be a political game behind it. Because,

there has been speculation for a long time about the possibility of Sourav joining the BJP before the 2021 assembly elections.

The board president himself, however, never paid attention to such discussions. Earlier, Sourav had said that he had a very good relationship with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and had no intention of entering politics at the moment.