Starting from September 3, it is an important date to pay homage to the ancestors


Shraddha is performed for the peace and tranquility of the souls of the ancestors.


This year, the patriarchy is starting from September 3 and will end on September 17. Although the calendar provides for shraddha on September 2 in the full moon, all other shraddha of the patriarchy will start from September 3.

According to religious beliefs, shraddha is performed for the peace and tranquility of the soul of the ancestors. Shraddha here means respectfully paying homage to one’s ancestors.

Important date of Patriarchy:

Purnima Shraddha – 2 September 2020

Fifth Shraddha – 7 September 2020

Ekadashi Shraddha – 13 September 2020

Sarapitri Amabasya – 17 September 2020

According to the traditional notion, those who leave the body and go to the afterlife are offered reverent tarpans for the satisfaction of their souls, this is called shraddha. According to popular belief, yam frees the creature during the shraddha party so that they can come to receive the tarpan of the relatives. The patriarchal ancestors came to earth from the dead and blessed their family members. When the ancestors are pleased, happiness and peace prevail in the house.

Patriarchy has a special significance in Hinduism. 15 days of patriarchy are dedicated to ancestors. According to the scriptures, the patriarchy or shraddha party is celebrated from the full moon of Bhadra to the new moon of Ashwin. Shraddha is performed only on the day of Bhadrapada Purnima, who died on any full moon day of the year. According to the scriptures, in any part of the year, the shraddha should be performed on the date on which the family members died.

However, in many cases, if the date of death of the family members is not remembered, there is also a mention of when the shraddha can be performed. In this case Ashwin can be tarpan on the day of the new moon. That is why this new moon is called the omnipotent new moon. In addition, if someone dies prematurely, they are mourned on the fourteenth day. Shraddha is performed on the eighth day of the father and on the ninth day of the mother.

However, there is a myth about why this patriarchy is celebrated. It is said that after the death of Karna in the battle of Mahabharata, when his soul reached heaven, he was given gold and ornaments in regular meals. When the disappointed Karna asked Indra the reason for this, Indra said that Karna had donated only gold ornaments in his entire life and had never given anything to his ancestors. Karna’s answer to this is that he knows nothing about his ancestors. Indra then allowed him to return to earth for 15 days to feed his ancestors. This 15-day period is observed as patriarchy.