The good news is that for state government employees, salaries will be paid early in the month of Puja

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State announcement for employees in the month of Pujo.

In the month of Pujo, the state government made a big announcement for the employees. It was informed that the employees will get their salary two days before the stipulated time.

On Wednesday, the finance ministry issued a notification stating that the salaries of government employees were paid one day before the last working day of the month. And on the last working day of the month the salary is paid from the grant. It has been brought forward two days this month. In other words, the government employees will get their salaries on October 28. The next day (October 29) will be paid from the grant.

Indian Global News

According to the concerned quarters, the Bengalis are already afflicted with coronavirus. Due to him, the financial crisis reached its climax. Since then the situation has improved somewhat by relaxing various restrictions. Meanwhile, the people of the state are eagerly waiting for Pujo at the end of this month to get rid of the long-standing sultry feeling. Moreover, Lakshmi Puja has fallen on October 30. So before Lakshmi Puja, the state has taken the path of paying the salaries of government employees.