There is need of Rs. 53.5 lakh to take care of the Governor’s household, Nabanna rejects the plea


Nabanna said it was not possible to pay due to cost constraints due to overcrowding.

Covid’s crisis started in Raj Bhavan too. Although additional funds were sought for interim expenditure, it was not possible due to cost overruns due to overcrowding, said Nabanna.

An additional Rs. 53.4 lakh is required to cover the Governor’s ‘household’ expenditure. The allocation given by the state government in this sector is almost at an end. Secretary to the Governor Satish Tiwari sent a letter to the West Bengal government asking for extra money to cover the expenses.

In a reciprocal letter to Raj Bhavan, Home Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay said the state government was pursuing a policy of austerity measures due to the tightening of the coffers due to the coup d’etat. So it is impossible at the moment to pay extra as per the demand of the governor.

Raj Bhavan officials are in deep trouble in the north of Nabanna. It is learned that the state government has allocated a budget of Rs. 16.5 crore for the Raj Bhavan in the 2020-21 financial year. But in the Covid situation, like other offices, 50 per cent of the allocation for Raj Bhavan has been cut.

Raj Bhavan officials are in deep trouble after receiving the letter from the Home Secretary. According to sources, there is a nominal amount of money to manage the inner hall of the palace. Although he was informed in detail, Nabanna was reluctant to allocate extra.

It is learned that Raj Bhavan had demanded Rs 87,62,000 for the governor’s household expenses, entertainment and other contractual expenses. Nabanna was informed that Rs 34 lakh was due even though the allocation was reduced due to austerity measures.

In this regard, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar claimed that the Raj Bhavan has been treated negatively for several months. He said that in the current situation, almost half of the staff of Raj Bhavan is missing. Despite this, Dhankhar said he would discuss the problem of the state government in the right place to raise funds. However, he said that he would not allow the dignity of the palace to be tarnished in any sense.