Tollywood has welcomed Mamata’s decision to open a cinema hall in the state from October 1


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced the decision to open a cinema hall as the first state in the country.

Locked theater from mid-March. For six and a half months, the entire entertainment industry has been in the throes of a black cloud of fear. It is true that Hindi films have been released on the OTT platform, but Hategona has been released on the digital platform while co-directing Bengali films. Because according to film experts, the demand for Bengali films on OTT platform is relatively low. The Bengali film business is largely dependent on the box office. In such a situation, before Durgapuja, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave good news for Tollywood.

On Saturday, she announced on Twitter that when everything is back to normal, travel, drama, open-stage theater, movies, music shows, dance performances, recitations or magic shows could all start. From October 1, these can be introduced in accordance with other health rules, including physical distance. The maximum number of visitors and participants can be up to 50. Wearing a mask and using a sanitizer will be mandatory.

Tollywood welcomed the decision of the Chief Minister with open arms. Jeet, Nusrat, Dev all thanked Didi in a tweet.

The behind-the-scenes heroes of Tollypara did not lag behind. Director Raj Chakraborty also thanked Mamata Banerjee. Tota Roychowdhury writes- she came forward to save the world of entertainment again. Thank you didi.

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Tolly heroes tweeted thanks to dear Mamata Didi

The Ministry of Home Affairs has instructed to close the cinema hall in the guideline of Unlock-4, the deadline is September 30. Before announcing the new guidelines, Mamata Banerjee was the first state in India to open a cinema hall. Didi’s decision is being welcomed not only by the entertainment world of Bengal but also by box office experts from cinema exhibitors and multiplex chain owners all over the country. To this end, exhibitor Akshay Rathi tweeted – I want to cry with happiness, to be honest. Rahul Puri, managing director of Mukta Arts, said, “Other states should follow suit.”