Violent factionalism in the BJP in Bengal, protests and clashes throughout the day due to the central decision


The BJP’s party quarrel in West Bengal is becoming increasingly clear. Violent incidents continued throughout the day on Sunday.

After the release of the list of names of central office bearers, the BJP’s party quarrel in West Bengal is becoming increasingly clear. Due to this, sporadic incidents of violence took place in different parts of the state.

Several incidents of fighting and vandalism have come to light in the district on Sunday due to clashes between old and new BJP workers. In Basirhat, Baruipur and Bankura, there were fierce clashes between the two groups. Hundreds of workers staged a sit-in protest against district president Tarak Ghosh in the middle of a district level meeting in Basirhat. They allege that new leaders and members from the grassroots and other parties are being given importance instead of the old cadres of the party. The quarrel gradually escalated into a brawl between the two sides. Several chairs were also reported to be broken.

For some time now, various things have been floating in the air about the infighting of the Bengali BJP. However, Rahul Sinha’s explosive remarks about losing the central post last Saturday made that picture much clearer. Rahul said, ‘I have served the BJP for forty years. I have been working as a soldier in the team. This is the reward for serving the BJP from birth. I have to move because the Trinamool Congress leader is coming. There can be no greater misfortune than this. ‘

Recently, former Trinamool MP Anupam Hazra has been appointed as the party’s general secretary, replacing Rahul Sinha. Mukul Roy has been made the All India Vice President of the BJP. However, Mukul said the new responsibilities were not yet clear to him. At the same time, the former Trinamool leader also spoke about his responsibility towards the people of the state. The BJP think tank has a lot of confidence in his role in the upcoming West Bengal Assembly elections.

The party’s new central secretaries Arvind Menon and Anupam Hazra were present at the BJP’s South 24 Parganas East district meeting in Baruipur on Sunday. The meeting was also marred by clashes between the two groups. It is also reported that the protesters blocked Anupam’s car and staged a protest. When Anupam left, there was a fierce clash between the two sides. The situation became such that in the end the police went and brought the situation under control. The injured were admitted to Dolia’s private nursing home.

District president Harikrishna Dutt has lodged a complaint against district general secretary Swarup Dutt and constituency president Debopam Chattopadhyay. According to Swarup, the protest was sparked by the removal of 45 constituency presidents from the meeting.

In Bankura, on the other hand, protests erupted over the removal of two constituency presidents and demands for the removal of the district president. However, according to district president Vivekananda Patra, the BJP has not joined the protest.